Landlords With Asset Property Management

What's the Asset Property Management Difference?

Asset Property Management is made up of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients.

Our goal is to make owning an investment property as stress-free and as rewarding as possible. When Asset Property Management is managing your property, you can relax in the knowledge that we are always working in your best interests and that you're getting the very best return on your investment. If that's what you want, please visit our Manage My Property page to find out more about what Asset Property Management can do for you.

A Professional Team of Experienced Property Managers

At Asset Property Management, we take property management seriously. That's why all our property managers are experienced and qualified. We're also committed to regular ongoing training to ensure we're always up-to-date with changes to legislation and management techniques and trends, so we can do the best possible job for our clients.

Market knowledge, experience and commitment to serving our clients interests means that the average property managed by Asset Property Management generates great rental results for the suburb. Because we know the market values in the area and we're trained to negotiate the best rental return without costing our owners a good tenant. If your property manager doesn't know the market potential of your property, you could be missing out on rental income.

Asset Property Management has a reputation for service. So whether you're a professional investor, have just bought your first investment property, or are moving out of your family home for a while, you know that with Asset Property Management your investment is in good hands. Click here to contact us about property management in your area.

What Makes Asset Property Management Different?

Asset Property Management are qualified property managers. When you consider the time and skill involved in marketing a property, finding the right tenants, carrying out maintenance, liaising with tenants on issues, negotiating rent reviews and keeping our clients informed, it's easy to see that a property management needs to be full time and fully committed...

In ensuring our clients receive the best possible service, we also limit the number of properties each manager has in their portfolio. This means that our managers can devote enough time to ensuring each property is running smoothly, and every client's interests are being looked after.

Our fully computerised systems mean that all the details about every property are at our managers fingertips, so any maintenance requirements or tenant issues can be dealt with immediately. Plus our strict zero tolerance to arrears rental policy, backed up by computerised records and alerts, ensures we keep rental arrears in check across our whole management portfolio. And that means you can be confident you'll get your rental income on time every month.

We've Got the Best Tenants - Ready and Waiting

Our exclusive database of pre-qualified tenants, means that your property doesn't have to remain vacant and costing you money. Our VIP tenants have a history of excellent maintenance of rented properties, an impeccable record of rental payment, and have passed all our checks with flying colours. They are the tenants every landlord wants to rent their property. And they're waiting to move into yours...

Understanding Your Property Management Needs

  • We understand that when you appoint a property manager, you want them to manage your property so you don't have to do anything except receive the rent into your bank account
  • We understand that as a property investor, you're focussed on the bottom line
  • We understand that having a property vacant for even a few weeks affects your investment returns
  • We understand the importance of having quality tenants who pay their rent on time and look after the property
  • We understand the importance of maintaining your investment to minimise the risk of long-term damage or reducing potential capital gains or sales appeal
  • We understand the importance of you feeling confident in the abilities, knowledge and commitment of your property manager
  • We understand that you want property investment to be easy and profitable

If you want to talk to a property manager who understands your needs and you can trust, click here and one of our management professionals will contact you to discuss your real estate options.

Are You Getting Top Rental Returns?

Is your property rented out for the best possible market rent? If you're not sure you want to change property manager, but you'd like an independent opinion on the potential market rent of your investment, we'd be happy to help.